Handbook Servicing

Servicing intervals are specified by the vehicle manufacturer in their service schedule.

When Your Car completes these services, they are recorded in your service book and electronically in Your Car's database to help keep you informed when your next service is due.


Fluid Maintenance tasks include:

Change Engine Oil

Check/ refill Brake fluid

Check/ refill Auto Transmission fluid

Check/ refill Windcreen Washer fluid


Inspection/ Replacement tasks include:

Replace Oil/ Air/ Fuel filters

Replace Spark Plugs

Check/ Replace Timing Belts

Check/ Replace Brakes


Other Maintenance tasks include:

Computerised Fault Scan check

Grease and Lubricate components

Check condition of tyres and wheels

Check Air conditioning


Your Car ensures that your vehicle service is up to date and that its complete service history is always available upon request.

This information may add to the resale value of your vehicle.